Past experience in Decision Making For The Future?



D.Martyn Lloyd Jones Says:

“Keep an eye on the talent and inclination fool you. I mean, these things tend to run away with you. All this can be summarized with 1 phrase – watch your strength, not weakness, but your strength, which should be monitored. Case in which you excel, your talents and gifts. That is most likely to divert you from the path for that will tempt you to show off and to find satisfaction for themselves …. people who claim to be often the weak strong. Could it be that, sometimes, those who seem most know it weaker?, Maybe people who seem particularly vulnerable, in fact, are even more aware that sustains the power of God? ”

In 1908, AUTHOR GKCHESTERTON describe the culture of young embryos that have been cooked by the name of postmodernism. The phrase is outdated. One day soon, we will all need to look into the history books. One sign of “vulgar relativism” (The term of Michael Novak) is the arrogance of the hijacking of the word refers to the belief (conviction) and humility that refers to the doubts. Chesterton knew it would happen:

We suffer from today is humility that is not in place. Humility has been moved from the organ of ambition. Humility has been attached to the organ confidence – something that should not happen. Someone was supposed to feel about himself, but he doubted the truth, this has completely reversed. Now this one really holds the parts in no way should he hold dear – namely himself. He doubted he should not be part of a doubt – the Divine Ratio. Skeptic new people so humble that he even doubted whether he could learn. There is a real humility typical of our time, but it’s true humility is that humility is actually more lethal than the most uncontrollable weakness of the ascetic. Humility makes one doubt the old one on his efforts, so that it may make it work harder. But the new humility makes a person doubt his goals, so it makes it completely stopped working. We are undergoing a process that will produce human beings who are too mentally modest and is unable to trust the multiplication table.

We have already seen, for example in anger against Christians who express the belief that Jews (like everyone else) need to believe in Jesus to be saved. The most common response to this belief is that Christians were arrogant. Humility modern dross controlled and influenced by relativism, which is to avoid the introduction of truth and error disclosure.

If modesty is not meant to meet popular demands of relativism, then what does that mean?

This is important, because the Bible says: “AGAINST GOD pity the proud BUT HUMBLE PEOPLE” (1 Peter 5:5), and “whosoever exalted himself, IA will be humbled and whoever shall humble themselves and IA will be exalted” (Luke 14: 11). So humility is incredibly important!. The Bible has notified at least 5 things about humility:

  1. STARTS WITH HUMILITY TO GOD IN obedience of Christ. “A disciple is not greater than his master, or a servant of his master” (Matthew 10:24). “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God” (1 Peter 5:6).
  2. HUMILITY IS NOT FEEL RIGHT TO FIND A BETTER TREATMENT THAN THAT RECEIVED BY JESUS. “If the host is called Beelzebub, let alone those of his household” (Matthew 10:25). Because of that humility does not repay evil with evil. Humility is not a life that demands its rights. “Christ suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow in his footsteps .. when He suffered, He threatened not, but he handed it over to the Father who judges justly” (1 Peter 2:21-23).
  3. HUMILITY IS NOT HOLD THE TRUTH TEGUH to equip EGO WITH OR WIN-WIN CONTROL DEBATE, BUT SERVING CHRIST AND LOVE THE ENEMY. Love “rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:6). “What I [Jesus] say to you in the dark, say in the light .. do not be afraid” (Matthew 10:27-28). “What we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake” (2 Corinthians 4:5).
  4. HUMILITY THAT HE KNOW GRACE TO DEPEND ON ANY KNOWLEDGE and beliefs. “And what have you, that you did not receive?, And if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you did not receive it?” (1 Corinthians 4:7). “Please accept with humility the implanted word in your heart, your soul is in power save” (James 1:21, NASB).

“Now we see through a mirror dimly, but then we shall see face to face. Now I’m only familiar with is not perfect, but I’ll know it perfectly, as I myself known “(1 Corinthians 13:12).

“The wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15)

“Because we know what it means fear of the Lord, we persuade men” (2 Corinthians 5:11).

Let us pray:

Father, because what is inside of us, we humble ourselves under your hand is strong.

Have mercy on us in our struggle with pride and help us to turn off everything that is arrogant and exalted in our lives.

Show that we are completely helpless without you, and show sweetness Your Grace, that we should not accept.

Make us to walk in the spirit of meekness and humility, and to proclaim the glory of Christ. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Now, will you pray with me, will humble themselves and humble brother to beg and ask for forgiveness of sins in the life? to be saved from your sins?, will you accept and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior in your life?. let us humble ourselves under God’s feet, and begged the forgiveness of sins so that you do not live in vain. Do not waste your life. Brothers, and sisters … brother. Do you know. Jesus loves u so much …..


Learn to Understand the Meaning of Life From Toyohiko Kagawa

Toyohiko Kagawa (Statement love of God and the Cross of Christ). The cross of Christ is an inspiration to millions of people. Even of all the works and sayings of Jesus, nothing is more evocative than the Cross. All Christians should be able to say with Paul that “the love of Christ compels us” (2 Corinthians 5:14). “There is no other choice for us” (NEB Version), or even “strengthen its grip on us”, so we decided to no longer live for themselves but for Jesus who died for us.

As an example of how cross I motivate people, I have chosen a Christian leader of Asia, TOYOHIKO Kagawa (1880-1960). He was born in Kobe, Japan. His father was an aristocrat, a wealthy businessman, a minister in the cabinet and advisers of the emperor, while the biological mother was a geisha, dancing girls. Both his parents died when she was only 4 years old, and then he was sent to live in a farming family with her stepmother. Here he was tortured body, unwanted and unloved, and scars the liver because it dies lonely for the rest of his life.

When he went to school in Tokushima, she was introduced to some of the missionaries. Presbyterian Americans, especially Dr. Harry Myers, who became his mentor. Because very impressed with the teaching and example of Jesus, Kagawa learn about the Sermon on the Mount with all my heart and began to pray every day, “YES GOD, MAKE ME like Christ”. Then when he was 15, he was baptized. For his relatives, this is ridiculous. His uncle did not recognize him and gave him no inheritance rights.

At Christmas 1990, when he was 21 years old, he moved from Kobe Theological Seminary, by transporting all of their possessions in a handcart, to live among the poor in the slums of Shinkawa so bad he is. A windowless hut measuring only about 6 feet, however, he willingly shared with anyone who needs care and protection, sometimes several people at once. He lives depend on two bowls of rice gruel a day and wearing the same ragged jacket for several years.

No wonder she is often sick. He was misunderstood, vilified, and attacked. But he never retaliate and never give up. One of his biographers, William Axling, wrote of him as follows:

“He visited the sick, she comforted the bereaved, he fed the hungry, he received no home, he became a brother to the prostitutes, visiting them when they are ill and provide medicines for them. The parents turned to him to ask for advice. Young people tell her life’s difficult problems. The criminals made him the priest who received the confession. The children gathered around him “.

These experiences, along with continuing his studies at the seminary, convinced him of the need to move beyond philanthropy to social action. So when the workers protested the port of Kobe, they want to make it a leader. He was also the intent of the land and help farmers organize cooperatives of small farmers are the first nationally. Because of solidarity to the workers, Kagawa regarded as the instigator, so the police put him in a black list, the detectives were shadowing him, and one time he was arrested, police dragged away and thrown into jail for 13 days. However, as impressed with his writings, the government announced its intention to abolish slums in 6 major cities of Japan.

After the terrible earthquake that destroyed. Yokohama and 2/3 Tokyo and killed about 100,000 people. Kagawa active in the reconstruction. However, he never lost his passion for evangelizing. In 1928, he got a vision of 1 million Japanese people who turn to Christ, and the “core theme of his sermon is the Cross of Christ as an expression of God’s Love”.

Before World War 2, he was arrested three times for peace which was considered subversive propaganda. But after the war (which for him means four years of anguish), the prime minister spoke to him as follows: “Only Jesus Christ could love his enemies. Help me to instill love of Jesus Christ into the hearts of our people “. And the Emperor gave a special time of 30 minutes to listen to personally explain the meaning of the Cross.

The books are very popular Kagawa, and when a new book published, long lines formed outside bookshops. All work pertaining to cross a certain way.

First, even if his beliefs about the redemption is not clearly formulated, Kagawa firmly asserts that Christ “gave himself for the sins of others”. Only sinners who lament the sin can understand the miracle of this love. “To me, who was born in a state of sin, redemption love this meet and thrilling every fiber of my being. Love is moving in me a deep sense of gratitude “.


Second, “The cross is the crystallization of God”. The cross shows God’s love means to us as well as a measure of love we should show to others. “In short, the movement of love of Christ is summed up in the Cross. The cross is the whole Christ, the whole love “.

Third, look at the Cross Kagawa something entirely unequaled. He writes: “The fact is unique in the world, from the self-sacrifice of Christ and the shedding of blood atonement for the sins of mankind, is a statement of love itself.”

The latter, the following is probably the most moving personal statement:


With the statement that we leave unanswered the Kagawa. His Confession is: “THE CROSS IS THE CORE OF CHRISTIANITY” and his favorite hymn was “JESUS ​​KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS”, WORKS Fanny Crosby.

Do you yearn to be like Toyohiko Kagawa, a person used by God to love?. let us come to Jesus Christ, pray, beg forgiveness of sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Would you? in life there are 2 options of Life and Death, choose life, that Jesus Christ for your life that you saved from sin. Will you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior?.

(The sun and God’s Love For People Of Japan)

Psalm 84:12 – “For the Lord is a sun and shield …”

You may have heard of parents who really love their children, who said: “Children are the sun in our lives”. That may be true, especially for those who have long sought to be able to have children.

But happiness is brought into life by a person looks dim compared to a far greater joy is ushered into our lives by God Almighty. At the time of the Psalmist says: “Allah is the sun of my life”, his testimony about God’s love is total and eternal.

The Sun is an apt metaphor for God and precious. At the time we came to Him, His presence radiates the glow over the entire life and make everything visible, otherwise it will look out of shape in the darkness.

From a human perspective, the only one who truly worship is the worship of the sun’s understandable. There are no statues, no spirit, no temple that can illuminate with so powerful, so full we could warm up and give us the sights, like the sun. It is no wonder that people throughout the centuries up to heaven, and then think that they have seen God.

But the Bible says so: “The Lord God is My Sun”, say, not the sun itself.

We may think we are good at seeing the sun as a metaphor, but God himself who has given these celestial bodies, with the ability of associations that can help us understand Him. All theological abstractions in the world do not have the same effect as our acknowledgment that He is our sun.

Let us briefly played with the metaphor. Sunlight can reach into the corners of the darkest of the world. We do not have to be directly in it to know that she warms the darkest parts of the world.

More than that, though the sun is many thousands of miles away, he was as clear from the burned skin, feels like the right on our side. Escape from our shadow, close the curtain, darken the room, but the sun can still find a gap to enter. Even at the bottom of the solid earth though, loam and clay and volcanic rocks, sunlight can reach into and warms the seeds to be able to live and blossom.

God is maintaining a home in the universe is very big, but he also constantly present in our souls. The truth we always springs from its warmth.

Imagine a place without sun. Everything is dead, period. The colors faded into darkness. Snow and ice blanketed the world. The absence of the sun creates gloom. And much more. Without the sun, the darkness makes us a vague shadow.

But when the sun rises, we can see from a distance, capturing the forms and colors. The presence of the sun and enliven our lives, showing the prairie like a bed of straw, giving the flower buds, and paint effects finches flying bird in flight with a golden color.

Without God we stagger and stumble in the darkness in our lives, such as lowering the coffin into the grave. But the magic wand of his holy light around us and through the darkness and clarity of the Divine.

Closeness to God we have ups and downs, just like the rising and setting of the sun. The thick clouds often block the heat and light. Some days are filled with rays of joy, other days seem so long. We had good years and bad years.

And sometimes the sun was burning. Sometimes our own stubbornness refused to touch hands accidentally. If we try to unite the soul with God at times when we are afflicted by the sins of the Spirit who does not want to admit, the warmth will turn into a big fire. Then there is the fire that grabbed.

But God, our sun, never deny the blessings of light and warmth, even when we harden. What we must not forget is the promise of a glorious resurrection to give to people who know him in depth, as the sun of their life.

Let Us Pray:

God, the Father in Heaven, I pray for the people in Japan so that they all know the Truth, the Holy Living before God and always glorify God.

I missed that they live in Your Grace Of God. Keep them in the shadow of your wings so that they give the best to you, O Lord.

It is not their hearts to know you, Father, Lord Jesus, so that their lives are transformed and become the State that are pleasing in the heart of God.

In the event of a natural disaster or earthquake, keep them in the grace and mercy, Lord. Enabling them to grow in all the goodness that is useful to God, the Father in Heaven and to all the people of Japan. Take comfort those who are in pain, Lord. Restore their heart to get up and work for God. Encouraging them to continue to fight for their lives, especially for the Lord and lean on God’s grace alone.

I pray for the young children in Japan so that they are used by God with extraordinary, to serve the Lord, and their parents to educate his children in the Lord. In the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.


Learn to Understand the Meaning of Life From Father John G. Paton.

John G. Paton was a missionary who served in the New Hebrides, now known as Vanuatu, the Pacific Ocean. He was born in Scotland in 1824. I wrote about him for the courage he showed during the 82 years of his life. I want to be a bold witness for Christ. And I especially want the younger generation who are now doing it too. So I was wondering about the courage of others. Where’s he from? when I explore the reasons that make so bold as John Paton, one of the reasons that I found was a deep love for his father.

A big thank you is given to his father who lives Paton right has a value comparable to the price of autobiography which still continues to be reprinted. Perhaps this is one reason I cried when reading the autobiography. My heart is filled with a genuine desire to become a father like that in one day.

There is a “secret place” that will always be visited by his father to pray every time after eating. To 11 children to know and they have great respect for the place and learn something very profound about God. Impact on John Paton enormous.

Though everything else in religion must be wiped from memory by an unimaginable catastrophe, erased from my understanding, my soul would wander back to childhood events, and once again locked himself in the closet (the secret) temple , and hear the echoes of God calls it, will dispel all doubts with a triumphant appeal, “he walked with God, why can not I?”.

The extent to which the prayers of my father during this period left an impression on me, I could never explain, just as no one else can understand foreigners. When he knelt down and we all knelt around it in family worship. He poured the entire contents of his soul with tears of repentance from invoking the pagan world to serve Jesus, and for every individual and family needs, we all felt like we were in the presence of the living Savior, and learn to know and love him as a friend Our divine.

One event which describes very well the profound love between John Paton and his father, and their influence in John’s life with the courage and uncompromising purity. The time came when he was 28 years old. Paton young to leave home and go to Glasgow to follow the theological education and became a city missionary. From his hometown of Torthorwald to the train station in Kilmarnock, a distance of 40 miles by foot. 40 years later, Paton wrote:

My dear father took first in the 6 mile journey to accompany me. Counsels and tears and wonderful conversation on that parting journey are still fresh in my heart as if it had happened yesterday, and my tears still streaming down her cheeks now as at the time, every time I thought of the event it. Last for about ½ mile, we walked together almost in silence a very quiet, my father, as he always did, carrying his hat in his hand, while her blonde hair and long (when the color is blonde, but in later years white such as snow) loose on her shoulders like a girl. His lips continued to move recited the prayers for my silence, and the demise of flowing water when we met and expression that is not possible to describe with words!. We stopped on arrival at the place where we parted, he grabbed my hand vigorously for 1 minute in silence, and then earnestly and lovingly said, “God bless you, my son!, The God of your father made you successful and keep you from of all evil “.

Unable to say anything more, his lips moving silently said a prayer, in tears we embraced, and parted. I ran as fast as possible, and when nearly turned the corner where he could not see me again, I looked back and saw he was standing with my head still wear a hat in a place where I left it, was staring at me. Waving his hat to me as a parting gift, I turned and disappeared from view. But my heart is too cramped and sore, so I can not go any further, so I quickly pulled over and cried for a while. Then, after standing carefully, I climbed up the embankment to see if he still stood in the place where I had left and right at that moment I caught sight of him is to climb the embankment and tried to find me!. He did not see me, and after he saw with great anticipation toward me for a moment, he fell, his face directed towards the house, and started walking home, his head is still not wearing a hat, and his heart, I feel sure, is still raising the prayers for me. I noticed through the tears that blurred my vision, until the shadow disappears from my sight, and then, hurrying, I swear solemnly and repeatedly kaloi with the help of God, to live and act in such a way that I would never grieve or embarrass a father and a mother who like this that He has given me.

The impact of faith and prayer and love and discipline of his father was not measurable. May every man, every father read it and was filled with longing and earnest determination to love like this.

Let us pray:

How we are pleased to call you as a Father!

Even though we have been let down by our fathers on earth (we all have disappointments in certain cases).

You have never let us down.

You are perfect in compassion and fairness, simplicity and kindness, firmness and softness.

Please help us to become a father could be like this for children. Make us love you more than we love them.

Show them that love our wonderful big for their roots in an even greater love to thee again.

Make them bold because of the belief that their Father in heaven will be like us so far, but 10,000 times better than us. In the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, amen.

Are you all yearn to be a father who truly loves?. if you are all longing to become a mature man, which God will use you for His glory?. let’s go to Jesus, trust him, receive him, asking for forgiveness of sins, and repent with heart. Would you? Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior in your life?.


Past experience in Decision Making For The Future?

A short letter of Jude in the New Testament teaches us a truth about the value of studying history. This is not the main purpose of the letter. But this truth is obvious and surprising.

In the second book – this last in the Bible, Jude writes to rekindle the spirit of the saints to fight vigorously to defend the faith that has been passed once and for all the saints, v. 3, NASB. This letter is a call to be vigilant to remember “certain people [who] have crept …. wicked men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ, verse 4. Jude describes these people in terms of a very lively. They “blaspheme the things they do not understand”, verse 10. They “are people who grumble, find fault, to follow their own desires, they speak arrogantly, lick people for profit, paragraph 16. They “cause divisions, worldly-minded, life without the Holy Spirit, verse 19.

This is a judgment which is very surprising to people who are not outside the Church but had been “smuggled in”. Judas wanted their real existence is recognized, so that the congregation was not deceived and destroyed by false teachings and their immoral behavior.

One strategy is to compare them with those and other events in history. For example, he said that “Sodom and Gomorrah” … because they are in the same way commit fornication and pursue gratifications that are not reasonable, has to bear the torment of eternal fire as an example to everyone, paragraph 7.

So, Jude compares these people to Sodom and Gomorrah was “an example” of what will happen when people live like this intruder. So, in the mind of Judas, knowing the history of Sodom and Gomorrah is very useful to help detect and avoid errors like that of the saints.

Similarly, in verse 11, Jude collects three other references to historical events as a comparison to what happened in his time among Christians. He said, “Woe unto them, because they have followed the way of Cain, and since they, for reward, plunging into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion as Korah.

This is really amazing. Why did he have to refer to three different historical incidents like this happened thousands of years earlier, Genesis 19 (Sodom), Genesis 3 (Cain), Numbers 22-24 (Balaam), Numbers 16 (Korah)?. What does he mean?

Here are three main points:

  1. Jude assumed that the reader knows these stories!. Is not this amazing?. This is the first century!. There are no books in the house to anyone. There is no Bible available. There is no record stories. Only oral instructions for almost all civilians. And he assumed that they would recognize “the road taken by Cain” and “Ruling Balaam” and “rebellion of Korah”?. Do you know these stories?. This is amazing!. He considers them to know these things. If so, then surely the standards of knowledge of the Bible in the Church today is too low.
  2. Jude assumed that recognition of this history will provide illumination for the present situation. Christians will resolve the error better today if they know about similar situations from the past. In other words, it is valuable for the history of the Christian life. Knowing that Cain hated his brother and the jealous and angry because of a genuine spiritual fellowship among brothers with God, it will warn you to be wary of such things even among brothers. Knowing that Balaam finally gave up and make the Word of God as a means of worldly gain makes you better able to recognize such a thing. Korah humbling to know that legitimate authority and angry because Moses Leadership will protect you from the people who like to create divisions that are not happy to see anyone seen as his leadership.
  3. Is not clear. Therefore, that God provides for those events occur and are recorded as history, so we know it and become wiser and more insightful in the present for the sake of Christ and his church?.

Therefore, do not have prejudice against history. Do not ever insult the past. Do not ever stop learning from the providence of God and what has been handed as our textbook.

Know the history will increase the urgency and precious of our present life, because that would make it seem very short life compared to the flow that has not changed for centuries.

That is a good lesson to be learned. This life is like a vapor. Anything that helps us understand this truth will make us wiser, “teach us to number our days so that our hearts unto wisdom”, Psalm 90:12. Obtain specific knowledge about the past every day. And let us give to ourselves and to our children one of the best protection against the ignorance of the future, the knowledge about the past.

Let us pray:

Lord, You have become a shade of us fell down. Before the mountains were born, or before you made the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting.

You are the God, “But we are as grass: we are developing for a while and then faded. We are like a vapor, we emerged from the mouth, and 2 seconds later we lost “. Give us an heart to know the past, so we do not waste our lives short by repeating his mistakes. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.



二冊目の本で – 聖書の中でこの最後の、ジュードは、一度、すべての聖人、対3、わたしのために渡された信仰を守るために積極的に戦うために、聖人の精神を再燃させるに書き込みます。この手紙は、 “特定の人[]が忍び寄っている….邪悪な人を、みだらなことに私たちの神の恵みを回して、私たちの唯一のマスターと、主、イエス·キリスト、4節を否定する。ジュードが説明を覚えて警戒される呼び出しです。非常に活気の面でこれらの人々彼らは、詩10 “を彼らが理解していないものを冒とく”。彼​​らは “不平を言う人ですが、障害を見つけ、自分の欲望に従うことを、彼らは傲慢に話す、利益のために人々をなめる、第16項。聖霊せずに、彼らは “原因部門、世俗的志向、生活、詩19。

これは教会の外ではありませんが、 “密輸”されていた人々に非常に驚くべきことである判断である。ユダは、会衆がfalseの教えとその不道徳な行為にだまされ、破壊されていないので、彼らの本当の存在が認識されていました。

戦略の一つは、歴史の中で、それらと他のイベントでそれらを比較することです。たとえば、彼は “ソドムとゴモラ”と述べた。…彼らは同じように姦淫をコミットし、合理的ではありませんgratificationsを追求しているので、誰も、第7項の例として、永遠の火の苦痛を負担しなければならない。

だから、ジュードは、ソドムとゴモラにこれらの人々を比較して人々は、この侵入者のように生きるとどうなるかの “例”であった。聖人のようなエラーを検出して回避するためのように、ユダの心の中に、ソドムとゴモラの歴史を知ることは非常に便利です。

同様に、11節では、ジュードは、キリスト教徒の間で彼の時間に起こったことと比較して、歴史的イベントに他の3つの参照を収集します。彼は、彼らがカインの道を続けているため、それらのわざわい “と言って、彼らは以来、報酬は、バラムの迷いに急落し、コラのように反乱で死んだ。



A.ジュードは、読者がこれらの物語を知っていると仮定!この驚くべきではないか。これは、最初の世紀です!誰にでも家には本はありません。利用可能な聖書はありません。はレコードの話はありません。ほぼすべての一般市民のための唯一の経口指示に従ってください。そして彼は、彼らが “コラの反逆” “道はカインが撮影した”と “与党バラム”と認識するであろうことを前提とし?あなたはこれらの物語を知っていますか。これは素晴らしいです!彼は、彼らがこれらの事を知っていると考えています。もしそうであれば、きっと教会の今日の聖書の知識の基準が低すぎる。





それは学ぶべき教訓である。この人生は、蒸気のようなものです。私たちはこの真理を理解するのに役立ちますものは、私たちが賢明になる “ので、私たちの日々を数を教えている知恵わたしたちの心”、詩篇90:12。毎日過去に関する特定の知識を取得します。そして、私たち自身に、子どもたちに未来の無知に対する最良の防御の一つは、過去についての知識を与えることができます。



あなたは、神である “しかし、我々は草のとおりです。我々はしばらくの間、発展して、かすれている我々は蒸気のようなもので、我々は、口から出て、2秒後、私たちは失われた”。私たちの過去を知るために心を与えるので、我々は彼の過ちを繰り返すことによって、短い私たちの生活を無駄にしないでください。主イエス·キリストの名において、アーメン。



キリスト教徒は地球上で新規参入(1ペテロ2:11)であるという事実は、彼らが文化に何が起こるか気にしないという意味ではありません。しかし、それは彼らは非常に満足して悲嘆に暮れている部外者としての効果を与えることを意味します。我々は新参者です。 (ピリピ3:20) “私たちの国籍は天にあり、そこから我々は、救い主、主イエス·キリストを待つ”。 “ここでは持続的な街を持っていませんが、我々が来る街求める”(ヘブル13:14)。人生は外国に住んでいた水蒸気です。

我々は苦しみ、不幸を喜ぶために血を流している私たちの注文擁護を受けているので、しかし遊牧民たちは、非常に満足しています…私はだから。喜ぶと喜んで、天に大きな賃金(マタイ5:11-12)からである。私たちは、使徒パウロは(ローマ人への手紙8時18分) “は、この現在の時間の苦しみは私たちに明らかにされる栄光と比較して何もない”ということを示していることに満足している。私たちは、罪人の世界ではどこでも優雅な一例があるので、満足している、我々は楽しむときに神は満足している(1テモテ4:3、午前6時07分)。我々は一日、地球を継承している遊牧民が(マタイ5:5)知っているので、我々は満足している。その “どこでも”いつか彼の人々 “(ローマ8:32)の財産になるかもしれませんので、キリストは、罪人のために死んだ。

しかし、私たちの喜びは、肝臓の破壊に喜びです。キリストの服従は、私たちがクリスチャンとして示すものよりはるかに良いに値する。私たちの喜びは、世界中の多くの人々の破壊に起因する心の喜び(1テモテ1:15) “キリストイエスは罪人を救うためにこの世に来た”という朗報を聞いたことがないです。そして、私たちの喜びは、キリストを受け入れないすべての社会の中で人間の文化に起因する肝臓の破壊に喜び、屈辱の栄光であり、肝臓の破壊につながります。

それは国家が含まれています。国の文化の文化は、現実または聖書の神学のかどうか、クリスチャンではありません。決して。ソドムの没落への本の没落は、キリスト教の所有権はありません。 (1ヨハネ5:19) “全世界が悪の力にある”。キリストは勝利が宣言されて入ってくるまで、それは起こった。全体の創造神の正当な所有権は、すべての不幸の第一段階、栄光で明らかにされました。 “聖霊の初穂を持っている我々自身、我々は熱心に私たちの体の採用により、償還を待つ内側うめき声”(ローマ人への手紙8時23分)。入植者は、作成の残りの部分と一緒に訴えました。我々は待っています。

しかし、キリスト教の移住者は受動的ではありません。我々は不幸または不道徳な文化の興奮で作り笑いはありません。私たちは嘆く。または我々は悲しむべきである。塩を節約し、できるだけ多くの “新参者であることは皮肉であることが意味するものではありません新参者であることは、それは興味がない、または関与しないようにという意味ではありません地球の塩は腐りかけの肉の楽しみをしないと:。これは私の主なポイントです。できるだけ多くのマリネ。そして、塩は嘆きました。そして、明らかに世界は引き離すと “さよなら”は神を知らない闇へと言うことはありません。これは、光を照らすことを目指しています。しかし、支配していません。 ”

文化の中でキリスト教の移民であることは私たちの影響力を終了し、それから、プライドを取り除くことはありません。我々は、状態が解消されていることを心配にはなりません。我々は悪の勝利ために駄々をこねるしないでください。我々は怒りで固めになることはありません。我々は理解しています。これは新しいものではありません。アンティオキア、コリント、アテネ、ローマ – 状況は初めからこのようになっています。王国は、拒絶反応なく、死亡の結果だけではなかった。緊張した3世紀の間に、キリスト教徒はキリストの血を高める喜びを支払う。それを経験する多くの人々がまだあります。それを経験するより多くの人々が存在します。

それは初期の入植者の心を交差させなかった彼らは世俗的ヒューマニズムのUbiquityを宣伝すべきであるということでした。まだ彼らの耳鳴り偉大な言葉は: “あなたがたは、私の名前のすべての男性から嫌われなければならないしかし端に耐える人々が保存されなければならない。”(マルコ13:13)。これは、喜びと慈悲固体の揺るぎない省庁の時間です。








Getting rid of Cultural Pride Of Influence

The fact that Christians are the newcomers on the earth (1 Peter 2:11), does not mean that they do not care what happens to the culture. But it means that they give the effect as outsiders who are very happy and heartbroken. We are the newcomers. “Our citizenship is in Heaven, and from there we await Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20). “Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city which will come” (Hebrews 13:14). Life is a vapor, which lived in a foreign country.

But the nomads we are very happy, because we have received orders Defenders of us who have bled to rejoice in our sufferings, misery … because I am. Rejoice and be glad, because great wages in Heaven (Matthew 5:11-12). We are happy that the Apostle Paul shows us that “the sufferings of this present time is nothing compared with the glory that will be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18). We are happy because there are examples of the gracious everywhere in the world of sinners, and God is pleased when we enjoy (1 Timothy 4:3, 6:7). And we are happy because we know that the nomads that will one day inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5). Christ died for sinners so that “everything” may someday become the property of his people “(Romans 8:32).

But our joy is joy in the destruction of the liver. Christ’s obedience deserves a lot better than what we show as Christians. Our joy is the joy of the heart due to the destruction of so many people around the world have not heard the good news that “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners” (1 Timothy 1:15). And our joy is a joy in the destruction of the liver due to human culture in every society does not honor Christ, glory in humiliation, and leads to liver destruction.

It includes a State. Culture of a country’s culture is not the Christians, whether in reality or biblical theology. Never. Downfall of the present to the downfall of Sodom is not a Christian ownership. “The whole world is in the power of the evil” (1 John 5:19). It happened until Christ comes in victory is declared. God’s legitimate ownership of the entire creation was manifested in stages, first of all the misery, then the glory. “We ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we eagerly wait for adoption, redemption of our bodies” (Romans 8:23). The settlers were complaining along with the rest of creation. We are waiting.

But Christian migrants are not passive. We do not smirk at the misery or the excitement of an immoral culture. We mourn. Or we should mourn. This is my main point: “Being a newcomer does not mean to be cynical. Being a newcomer does not mean it to be uninterested or uninvolved. Salt of the earth do not make fun of decaying flesh. As much as possible, saving salt and marinate. And as much as possible, the salt was wailing. And obviously the world does not pull away and say “goodbye” to the darkness that knows no God. It seeks to illuminate the light. But does not dominate. ”

Being a Christian migrants in a culture does not end our influence, but get rid of pride from it. We do not become alarmed that a State has been eliminated. We do not whine because the triumph of evil. We do not become hardened with anger. We understand. This is not new. The situation has been like this since the beginning – Antioch, Corinth, Athens, Rome. Kingdom was not only result in rejection, but also death. During a tense three centuries, Christians pay their joy elevating the blood of Christ. There are still many people who experience it. There will be more people who experience it.

It never crossed the minds of the early settlers was that they should be touting the Ubiquity of secular humanism. Great words still ringing in their ears: “Ye shall be hated of all men for my name. But those who endure to the end shall be saved “(Mark 13:13). This is a time for joy and unwavering ministries of mercy solid.

It is time to make an impact, as well as now. But not by causing a commotion as if we are to reclaim our laws are lost. Instead of tears and persuasion and persistence, knowing that the ignorance of racism, and exploitation of the poor, and efforts to get rid of the God of education, and the horror of abortion, and the collapse of heterosexual marriage is shocks the tragic death of joy, not a victory from the left wing or right understanding.

The pride of the Christian settlers, but the service is not a success. Whether we win or lose, we become witnesses of the way of truth and beauty and joy. We are not owners of the culture, and we are not controlling. We serve it with joy in the destruction of the liver and longsuffering mercy, for the good of man and the glory of Jesus Christ.

Let us pray:

And therefore, the Father, eliminated the pride of our indignation. Take away self-pity attitude of our hearts, and prejudice from our lips. Make us feel that compassion is our life.

Teach us earnestly that we have received by for free of charge, and that we should give for free of charge.

We make the nomads who were devastated, happy and useful.

In the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Compassion For Our Life Guidance

Let us understand in earnest at the start of each new day, we will have of God as believers in Jesus is fully Compassion. Favorite or anything that might be suffering we experience today, it would be a pity. That is why Christ came into the world – “so that other nations may glorify God for His mercy” Romans 15:9. We are born again “according to the great mercy”, 1 Peter 1:3. We pray every day “so that we may receive mercy”, Hebrews 4:16, and we are now “waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life”, Jude 1:21. If there are Christians who turned out to be credible, it happens “by the mercies of the Lord [he] can be trusted”, 1 Corinthians 7:25. In the end, the most important thing is, we will confess, “So it does not depend on human will or human effort, but on God, the merciful”, Romans 9:16.

So, when we face death every day, let us humble ourselves and put ourselves like the blind man, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”, Luke 18:38. Or like the one horse: “Jesus, Master have mercy on us”, Luke 17:13. And let us believe that we will never be enough to make him obey God wooded us. He will never owe it to us. “Who has never given anything to God that he should replace it?”, Romans 11:35. And let us believe that the smallest seed of true faith in Christ the divine mercy of the power flow as smooth as any touch of the power cord into the outlet drain all electrical power.

Really?. Did Jesus say that?, Yes, pay attention. In Luke 17:5, the apostle pleaded with the Lord, “Increase our faith” and God said: ‘If ye have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this fig tree: thrown you and planted in the sea, and he will obey you “, Paragraph 6. In other words, to become an issue in your Christian life and ministry is not the strength or the quantity of your faith, because it can not pull up trees from their roots. God did it. Therefore, faith is the smallest and genuinely connects you with His power of Christ will flow sufficient to meet all your needs. Moving the trees are small things for Christ. The issue is not the perfection of Christ, but a relationship with Christ. So, Believe, drain the smallest seed of faith that all of Christ’s compassion.

But what about your successes?. When you obey God’s work, if you do not need to be the one who asked for mercy?. Jesus gives the answer in the following verses, Luke 17:7-10. Who among you who has a servant plowing or herding cattle for him, would say to the servant, after he returned from the field: let’s eat right away!. Otherwise he would not be said to the servant: and prepare food. Tie waist and serve me until I finished eating and drinking. And after that thou majesty eat and drink. Did he thank the servant because the servant had done what was assigned to him?. So too, you. If you have done everything that was assigned to you, you shall say: we just do what we should do.

What did He mean when He said that after doing all his commandments we still have to say: “We are servants who are not worthy?”, Which he meant was, you do not stop at the mercy. Do everything that a call we do not make us worthy in our relationship with God. “Not feasible” after all obedience means humans can not produce anything good from God. If we get it, it is a pity.

Therefore, I conclude, the most perfect obedience and faith of the smallest yield the same things from God: mercy. Seeds of faith as a mustard seed that just drain the mercy of the forces that move the tree. And obedience that makes us completely blameless at the mercy. God may hold some of the blessings of mercy for our good if we deviate from the path of faith growth. However, even the act of blessing it is to hold another form of mercy.

The bottom line is this: however the timing or form of God’s mercy, we never go beyond the status of the people who receive mercy. We always rely entirely on what we should not accept. God does not owe anything to us. Faith is the smallest and the most perfect obedience to accept one thing: compassion enormous.

Therefore, let us humble ourselves and rejoice and “praise God for His mercy.”

Let us pray:

Lord, do not let me be so stupid that I love more than love in return wages should not I have received.

Make me feel the sweetness of mercy that you specify. Establish the nature of such a child deep in my soul, and make me find my joy and my gift within a gift anugrahMu Free of Charge. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Instill love in your heart

Experiencing God’s love. Not just thinking about it, is something we have missed with all our hearts. It is an experience that gives the greatest joy in it because we feel the true reality of God and His love. That is the foundation of a strong and beautiful assurance, assurance that our expectations “does not disappoint” (Romans 5:5). This guarantee will help us “rejoice in hope of the glory of God” (Romans 5:2). This warranty sustain us through the tests of faith are terrible.

Have experience with this same love of God for all believers? No!, Not equal. If all believers have the same experience with the love of God, Paul would not have prayed for the Ephesians that they “Have the strength to comprehend with all saints what width and length and height and depth, and know the love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge” (Ephesians 3:18-19). He prayed for this is because some people [or all of them!] Have deficiencies in their experience with the love of God in Christ. And maybe once we all do not have exactly the same shortcomings.

So, how do we pursue the fullness of experience with the love of God poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit?. One key is to realize that it is not the same experience with hypnosis or electric shock or hallucinations induced by drugs or shake when they hear the melodious tones. Conversely, the experience gained through knowledge. The experience was not the same as knowledge, but acquired through knowledge. Or in other words, experience with God’s love is the work of the Spirit that gives the unspeakable joy of love is in Jesus Christ. In this way, Christ is glorified because of the joy that we have. That is the joy of what we see in him.

Where you can find this in the Bible?. Meditate on 1 Peter 1: “Even if you have not seen Him, you love Him. Even if you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and rejoice in the joy unspeakable and full of glory “(verse 8). It is an experience that gives the greatest joy and unspeakable. Joy beyond words. It was not based on physical ability to see Christ. But the belief in Christ. Christ is the focus of the mind da nisi which had the joy that is unspeakable.

In fact, 1 Peter 1:6 says that joy itself is “in” the truth is being told by Peter about the work of Christ. It says, “In this you rejoice.” And what is meant by “this”?, Namely that the truth.

  1. By the great mercy, God has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead “(verse 3). And
  2. We will get “an inheritance that can not perish, which can not be defiled, and that can not wither” (verse 4), and
  3. We are “kept by faith to receive salvation that has been available for otherwise in the latter days” (verse 5).

In this case we are very “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (verse 8). We know something. In this case we do not rejoice!. Experience the joy unspeakable is an experience that using an intermediary (a mediated experience). The experience gained through the knowledge of Christ and his work. There is a charge in it.

Reflect also Galatians 3:5 – “Is he who confers Spirit to you in abundance and work miracles among you, you do so because the law or because you heard of the faith”. We know from Romans 5:5 that experience with God’s love is going “through the Holy Spirit who was given to us”. But now, Galatians 3:5 tells us that the Spirit is not bestowed without charge. Grace it happen “by hearing with faith”. Two things: listen and faith. No action to hear the truth about Christ, and no faith in the truth. This is the way it was awarded the Spirit. He came through the introduction and faith. His work is a work that uses intermediaries. In it there is a mental load. Beware that you do not look for the Spirit by clearing your head.

Just as Romans 15:13 says that the God of hope fill us with joy and peace “in faith”. And faith has a charge. The love of God experienced by know and believe in Christ because as Romans 8:39, God’s love is “in Christ Jesus our Lord”. Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Jesus our Lord.

So do four things: Look, pray, leave, enjoy.

  1. Look to Jesus. Believe in Christ. Meditate on His glory and His work, not just in passing, but with earnestly. Think about the promises that He has given and is guaranteed by the death and resurrection.
  2. Pray that God was pleased to open your eyes to see the wonders of His love in these things.
  3. Leave all attitudes and behaviors as opposed to the conscious expression of this love to you.
  4. Then enjoy the experience with the love of God shed abroad in your hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray:

Father, incline our hearts to see the beauty of Christ and to hold it with joy.

Please help us to see and believe, that we might truly see and enjoy.

Our minds would be built on the charge of faith, and our hearts to accept the affection of faith.

Make your love flow like a river through our lives.

Presumably you do not just know him, but had in reality, to the glory of Christ.

In the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


Deception In The Heart of Life, What Does It Mean?

Many of us have bad experiences when it arrives at the end of the day and realize that all that day, God, for all practical purposes, does not feel his presence in our hearts and minds. When that happens, we always ask this question to yourself, why.

The answer is simple. We’re too busy. As an outlet that is too often used, our attention is always dominated by hundreds of equipment that we are trying to draw energy. We do too many things. As it’s the way we answer our question.

That is nonsense. God does not stand outside of life, such as lakeside cottage in the waiting, one or two times a year, to distract us from the world events of our daily work. Alienation we feel from God in the midst of life we ​​are not the result of our busy, but from our sins. Say the truth.

We can not give our attention to God as tithe. If we tell ourselves we see all of our relationships are wrong. We as erroneous if we say that 90% of the time we have belongs to God and 10% for the world. God is not a commodity, a round of bowling in the game. God is in everything. If we do not see Him, we do not seek after Him.

Adam told God that he knows the problem. The problem is Eve. Eve said the problem was a snake. They were lying. In similar fashion, we blame our drift to the snake world, in our busyness, our work, our commitment to our children, or our Church service. Some of us say that what keeps us from God is lumbago, headaches or other diseases.

And then finally, Isaiah came up with accusations that hit it, against us all, “The heart of the fool has misled him” (Isaiah 44:20).

Isaiah said, we form our own idolatry. He told us to form what we worship from the world, like a twig. We carefully separate the layers, carved piece of wood into a form that we like, flattened and polished with sandpaper, coating with a varnish to make it shine, and we put it in the center of our lives. That was an idol.

But Isaiah said that the wooden statue itself is not sin. Spirits who want to create a sculpture that is a sinner. In our busy cutting, printing, forming, sculpting, and wax, we are not aware of the idolatry of our own, we have deviated so far from God and so we do not realize that we have deceived ourselves. We’re obsessed with what we have done. That’s what Isaiah said.

He was not wrong, we can all know people who are obsessed with their cold stares, his indifferent to polite conversation, or through a highly focused life. Captured their attention with something so powerful that they become fanatic. We can immediately suspected the nature of the conversation they will do with us when we saw them walking toward us. Perhaps it is money. Perhaps it is a pleasure. Maybe it’s a certain art forms or complex scientific problems. Perhaps it is sports or politics or gossip. Maybe it’s their job. But we can recognize an obsession.

The sad fact is we all, in part, guilty of burying ourselves in our work, including believers. No man or woman can serve two kinds of hosts, says the Bible, the sacred and others secular. To understand the rise of the Holy Spirit in us is to feel a strong desire to seek God in everything we do. Not only in part. When we know God, we need not hold any of our attention, because the Holy Spirit, we can continue to live closer to the Lord God Almighty.

When you are at the end of the day and suddenly telling yourself that you do not really think about God from the morning (or even the night before), do not blame activity, investigate your heart that you created with your own hands.

The only valid truth, is the statement filed by the Apostle Paul: “Know ye not that Christ is in you? Trust me! “(Galatians 2:20).


When I Childhood: Mature Learning In This Life

“When I was a kid, I was told as a child, I felt like a child, I thought like a child. But when I became an adult, I put away childish things that “(1 Corinthians 13:11).

Formal manners are important. But it only plays an important role in our relationships is the most formal. Friendship, for instance, like you, to quickly rule out the formal stuff. A formal handshake, a polite nod and a smile that is charming elements of a formal relationship. When a close relationship to grow, the burden that hinders discarded immediately. We are not directly released from the formal manners in friendship relationships that are most closely, but the need to formally address the relationship is not important in a real friendship than with a stiff shirt.

And so is our relationship with God. Hidden fellowship is not wearing the same clothes as what is “expected” by others. We do not imitate others. If we imitate, our relationship became mechanical, and to be near God at all can not be mechanical. Forms can kill. Imitation does not produce anything. What is real in our relationship with God grew from our own experience.

Think about it. Being close to God is a different experience for us all. Gender has an influence on how we approach it, as well as the economic background. Our character, our personality type, physical condition, all of these characteristics affect the way we walk with God. 2 the sisters, who was born and raised in the same house, have different ways to build fellowship with the Father. We all have a bit of difference. Why we should be the same fellowship?. Uniformity in all intimate relationships is death.

Examine your life for a minute here. Times where you feel closest to God you can happen in times of sadness, triumph, joy, sorrow, or regret. There are no standards here, no procedure is recommended, no set of instructions. Just as married couples who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary will be the first to say that the colors of love to change like a sunset that is so obviously alive in all their lives, we all know that traveling with intimacy and our beautiful God went from house to house playing retirees.

The apostle knew this: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I felt like a child, I thought like a child. But when I became an adult, I put away childish things that “(1 Corinthians 13:11).

Children have an instinct for spiritual life. They love fantasy stories and fairy tales, many children who believe in ghosts so afraid of being in the dark room, so parents should be leaving the lights on and check under the bed to sleep. They seemed so fascinated by the reality of the spiritual world.

Children who can not read the Bible or understand a page of catechism be so fascinated by their personal awareness of God. It’s easy to be affected, their inner life was ruled almost entirely by what may be called instinct.

These characteristics are God’s design. Natural piety of a child creates an intimacy, that was a blessing that must be considered. A joy to teach a child to pray. What do think of Christ when He speaks of faith as a child is a quality of inspiration and awe that is not overshadowed by a cloud of doubt we, the adults, a quality possessed by inspiration as a child.

Seeing all this, our handling of the faith of our children is very important. Whenever a parent or a teacher trying to make little kids into miniature adults, children lose. It hurts, to observe the parents teach their children the faith that the mechanical, as if the intimacy required in the technology.

But as erroneous to leave small children alone, assuming that eventually the children will naturally grow in faith as they grow up to be put on work clothes.

Heart of a child responds to God almost naturally.

Not maintain a child care within the same faith by inflicting suffering on throughout adulthood.

In time, children do need to learn the creeds, Church history, the history of the statement itself. In time, children will grow to maturity. But there will be no intimacy with God in adulthood if children do not permission to seek communion with God in their own ways, in their time. That’s the nature of all things.