Welcome to the website: www.divine-life.org. It is a God of Grace and Compassion, we can launch this website to all of you, the people who are loved by God. This organization was established 12 April 2012, which is the result of a struggle for almost 20 years in particular to be able to introduce the truth to people who need it. Every Human in this world takes a Truth and need to be introduced to the Word of God, the one person who can make us to live holy, Jesus Christ.

Every human being needs the gospel, every human being both Christian and unsaved need to hear the Gospel because it is this which can change our lives.

The basis of organization is the Word of God, and founded on three important things at the center of its development, namely:

1. Statement Of Faith

2. Confession Of Faith

3. Confession Of Evangelism

We will focus on sharing God’s word for free, to be downloaded, viewed, ponder, read and distributed free of charge to support evangelistically missions, missionaries and mission of the people who need the Gospel of Grace, especially young children who is a generation in the continuing in evangelism.

Statement Of Faith

2 Timothy 3:16-17

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

16 All Scripture is [a]inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for [b]training in righteousness; 17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

Confession Of Faith


I believe in one living and true God, eternal and self-dependent God who transcends and proceeds all creation. In His eternity He exists in three person: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; who creates heaven and earth out from nothing through His mighty Word; who sustains and governs everything that He has created by His eternal decrees.


I believe that the Bible, as revealed in the Old and New Testament, is God’s perfect revelation inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is inerrant in the original text. It reveals the testimony of the Holy Spirit and is the only supreme and absolute authority of faith and conduct, both people for person, Church as well as for community. I believe that the Bible is inerrant in all that it teachers including both history and science.


I believe that man is distinctively created after the image and likeness of God, with true knowledge, righteousness, and holiness; commanded to understand God’s thinking as the faithful and obedient keeper of the covenant. Man is given authority to govern and cultivate over God’s other creatures in order to glorify God. I believe that all aspects of life must submit to God’s commandments as the manifestation of obedience to the laws of God.


I believe that men had fallen into sin and death in Adam, the representative of all mankind. Man is spiritually dead and subject to the righteous wrath and judgment of God, is without hope and helpless to obtain salvation, neither from himself nor from the world.

The Covenant Of Grace

I believe that God in eternity has made a covenant for His elects, with Jesus Christ as the Head. I believe that through Christ’s perfect active and passive obedience and His substituting death on the Cross for men, He satisfied God’s righteous wrath to His people. Through Christ’s power of resurrection God continuously calls and gathers His people of all ages and all nations to become a royal priesthood and a holy nation for His glory

Jesus Christ

I believe in Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, true God and true Man, the only mediator between God and men, and the only Savior of mankind. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. He was sinless, crucified, and risen from the death, ascended into heaven and sat on the right hand of God the Father, He makes intercessions for His people as the Great high Priest. He is coming again imminently in His glorious body, to judge the quick and the dead.

The Holy Spirit

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, the revealer of the Bible. He convicts men of their sins through His words and regenerates them to grow in faith and coverts men to Jesus Christ for their salvation. He empowers believers to obey the laws of God and endows gifts of ministry to the saints in the Church of Christ. He makes intercession with groans that words cannot express for the believers until the day of consummation.

Church And Mission

I believe in the Holy Catholic Church, which consists of all God’s elects through all ages, in which a part is gathered in the local church. The local church is the manifestation of the holy Catholic Church, and must keep the sound of doctrine according to the Bible, by insisting unity and love among the local churches, to reflect the glory of God in worship, in preaching and teaching the Word of God, in baptism and Holy Communion, in fellowship and discipline, in ministry and mission.

I believe that the existence of church in the world is to preach the Gospel of Jesus  Christ and His deity through real action. The mission of Church is to establish the Kingdom of God in the world and to renew it through mission and the efforts of expressing truth and righteousness in love.

I believe that the church, as the people of God, is the key to evangelization and discipleship of the nations until the consummation of Christ’s Kingdom at His second coming.

Confession Of Evangelism

1. I believe in the Gospel as the power of God to save everyone who believe.

2. I believe in one only God in three person, The Creator of man and universe, the supreme of judge of all sins and the provider of man’s salvation.

3. I believe in the fall of man as a historical fact, which causes the total pollution of human nature. Therefore, man is unable to save himself.

4. I believe in the sovereignty of God and His grace to unconditional man in salvation to elect His people in His  supreme wisdom by His eternal decree, which was acted out in the dynamic process by history, through His redemptive actions in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

5. I believe that the incarnation through virgin birth, sinless life, and the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ are historical facts which compose the essence and the message of the Gospel, which is the only mean to obtain God’s salvation.

6. I believe in the cleansing power of Blood of Jesus Christ, which is contained in the substantive, propitiative, redemptive, and reconcilliative sacrifice of Jesus Christ to bring forth new life to man.

7. I believe in the preaching of the Gospel as the only good news for mankind, which cause the meaning of life and the foundation of eternal hope. Evangelization is: The evidence of the true Christian in submitting themselves to God’s commandment; To create interpersonal encounter between sinner and God, through the mediation of Jesus Christ; The cause of the emerging of the saving faith in human heart; The key church growth and enjoyment of His eternal presence.

8. I believe in the repentance as the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s regeneration which produces true faith in Jesus Christ and bears the fruits in new life.

9. I believe in the anointment of the Holy Spirit in evangelization on those who obeys the great commission of Jesus Christ in terms of courage, wisdom, power and love to witness.

10. I believe in the finality of the Gospel which is perfect by itself, irreplaceable, and incomparable, neither with religious thoughts, philosophical ideas, moral merits of the world (which are qualitative different), nor with cultural mandate and social concern in orthodox and evangelical faith (which is supplementary for pre-and post-evangelism), as well as gifts of Holy Spirit and wonders and signs in the Bible (which God could sometimes use of the evidence of His Gospel). We must hold fast the perfection of the Gospel.

11. I believe in the unchanging power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is able to preserve His redeemed people and transforms the society through their witnesses until the consummation day of the glorification in Christ’s return.

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